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Psychedelic Robot

Psychedelic Robot: A Total Mindf*ck

Psychedelic Robot is an interactive art EXPERIENCE that is trippy as hell, without any help from chemistry.   From sculpture and photography to music and performance art, Psychedelic Robot is the pinnicle of sensory overload, in a good way. 

The brainchild of Karen and Michael Bivins, owners of Bivins Gallery, Psychedelic Robot debuted in Dallas, Tx in 2018.  Psychedelic Robot was originally a 10-day pop-up ‘Graffiti-Fusion’ art exhibit.  The response was unexpectedly favorable though, and the show started selling out quickly.  The exhibit ended up running for three months!!  It was a HUGE success by all measures.

The show came back in June of 2019 through December, and surpassed their original outing.  Twenty-one artists’ work was displayed @ Psychedelic Robot 2.0, up from 11 artists the year before.  One of my favorite displays was a giant mushroom made of old CD’s.  The way it reflected the lights was magical.

After wowing audiences in Dallas, the Psychedelic Robot went international with a location now open in Moscow.   They’re also expanding into other cities here in the States.

The Mindwarp Again

Bringing together elements from Street, Contemporary, and Pop art genres, Psychedelic Robot has it’s own style; Graffiti-Fusion. On March 13, 2020, Psychedelic Robot 3.0 will open in Dallas.  With new art and new artists, I can’t wait to see how the show outdoes itself. 

I’m interested  in the self-taught artist, DTOX(Jerod Davies), and his bold style and vibrant colors.  Artists, young and old, have been vying for a chance to be displayed at this year’s exhibit.  To satisfy the demand for good art, the number of Artists on display has risen to thirty-six(36) this year.

If the first two years have been any indication, Psychedelic Robot 3.0 will be a massive success. It is sure to provide beautiful pieces of expression, that the gelling of eclectic styles produces.

Get Tickets Now

Jah’s Pharma gets no compensation for this…We just love their show!  Tickets will go fast, so buy some today.  Just FYI, when you buy a ticket, you get an alloted time frame to explore at your leisure.  No tour guide, just you experiencing the art your way. 

I’m sure the Bivins Gallery will continue to blow minds with this years exhibits, and it will be interesting to watch as they spread their trendy new style of show around the globe.

If you find yourself in the Dallas, Tx area, Psychedelic Robot 3.0 is at the top of our list for cool things to do in Dallas right now.