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Dank City: A Day With Tommy Chong REVIEW

A Hazy Day With Tommy Chong

Dank City: A Day With Tommy Chong, takes you into the home, businesses, and life of beloved stoner icon, Tommy Chong.  Best known for his stoner comedy duo, Cheech & Chong, Chong’s life has been an adventure, full of highs and lows.

With, A Day with Tommy Chong, Dank City let’s you get to know the man on a more personal level.  Tommy shows us some of his amazing art, and gives the story behind it….when he can remember it.  We see how he keeps himself entertained inside his “room”, where he writes stories, poems, and makes his ‘not a pipes’ from 11 million year old mastadon tusks.(Yes..I went back and listened..He said Mastadon)

He talks about his humble beginnings in a cabin in Calgary, with a wood burning stove for heat.  He explains how his love for music began with his mother, and how he took guitar lessons for $0.25/lesson.

Tommy's Collections

Dank City follows Chong past an eclectic collection of books.  From Spanish grammer and Chinese Horoscopes to the Big Book of Buds by Ed Rosenthal, they all share one thing in common; Chong hasn’t read most of them!

Much more impressive than his unread book collection, Tommy Chong has tons of memorabilia, an epic pipe/bong collection, and some truly beautiful guitars.  Including a Gibson hollow body, and a guitar given to him by the late ‘Dime Bag’ Darrell of Pantera.

The amount of history in his Office is crazy.

What Did I Think?

I am a long time Cheech and Chong fan, so, when I saw this pop up on my YouTube feed, I had to give it a watch.  I loved seeing his beautiful home, hearing his stories, and seeing a more human version of the comic.  That said, I am going to need something more engaging than a shared love of Cannabis, if they want me to keep watching.

It’s not ‘bad’, but I didn’t think it was great.  I’m hopeful that future episodes will be more entertaining.  One way or another, we will give you our HONEST review.

Dank City: A Day With Tommy Chong S01E01