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Origin of that 60’s Psychedelic Style

Where the 60's Psychedelic Style came from

The 1960’s were synonymous ground-breaking music,freedom of expression, psychedelic drugs, and an amazing art style.  From Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, to tie dye, liquid light shows, and art; The ’60s were an unique time of global consciousness growth.  Revolution was in the air, and quiet literally, in the streets around the world.

The amazing mixing of sounds and clashing of cultures, without any doubt, created a new genre of music.  So, surely, those trippy images were some entirely new mix of east meets west with healthy dose of LSD, right?

As with all things, it isn’t so simple.  This short video uncovers the source material that influenced the 60’s art.