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5 Easily Forgotten Grow Tent Accessories….You HAVE to Have #3

There are a lot of tools you need to grow high quality cannabis, and many beginners overlook some important ones. Here are 5 easily forgotten grow tent accessories that are a must have for any grower’s arsenal.  

Grow Tent Accessories

Not Basic Grow Tent Accessories

This isn’t a list of basic  grow tent accessories.  I’m not going to waste your time, like some sites, and tell you to get a light, a timer, or growing medium.  If you forgot to buy a light, you should rethink growing your own cannabis in a grow tent, or, maybe at all.

So, we are going to skip the obvious things, and quickly focus on smaller, yet important grow tent accessories that can be easily forgotten.

Drying Racks

A lot of new growers don’t think far enough ahead, to the actual harvest & what they’ll need.  Drying racks are a easy solution for the end of growing cycle.  Most are small enough to hang in your grow tent, or a small closet, and help provide even airflow across your buds.  This helps prevent mold from growing on the still moist buds, and it’s small size makes it convenient for small personal grows. 

Oscillating Fans

In addition to that nice exhaust fan/carbon filter set up, your plants need good airflow through the grow tent.  An oscillating fan provides plenty of airflow, can help lower leaf temps, and strengthens your growing plants. 

Air movement also prevents pests and disease, as stagnant air, like stagnant water, is a breeding ground for ‘funk’.  You can quote me on that.

Usually a small Clip-on fan is enough for a grow tent.  Fortunately, these are also pretty cheap.  If you have a larger grow tent, or grow room, you’ll probably want a floor fan that can move more volume.

Grow Tent Accessories - Big Ass Fan
Grow Tent Accessories Clip Fan

Gorilla Grow Tent - $196.95

from: Grow Strong Industries

#3 PH Pens/PPM Pens

Especially for beginner growers, the answer to “What’s wrong with my plants?” , is often tied to improper PH or overfertilizing.

PH and PPM(Parts-per-million) pens give you a concrete number to go from, not color like litmus paper.  This takes the guess work out of feeding, and helps pinpoint issues with your plants.

Get a PH pen AND a PPM pen, get in the habit of using them EVERY TIME, and take care of them.  That’s the tip, and you’re welcome.

Trellis Netting

When it’s harvest time, those buds get heavy and need support.  Trellis netting can provide great support for those fat buds.

You can use stakes, tomato cages, or whatever, but I prefer the trellis netting hands down.  If you set it up early in the grow, you can manage the plants growth, and create a perfectly uniform and solidly supported canopy.  This method is known as screen of green, or SCROG for short.

So, trellis netting not only provides support, but the even canopy means more even yield throughout your grow tent.  It also means fewer gimpy micro-nugs, and likely, trimming will be easier.  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN.

Grow Tent Accessories Trellis netting

Enviromental Monitoring Solutions

Your plants need the proper conditions to both survive and thrive.  That means you have to know what the temperature AND  humidity are in your grow tent.

The simple answer is a digital thermometer/hygrometer.  Small battery operated models are usually perfect for small grows, and can be hung/placed where they can be easily read.   I would place it at canopy level to make sure they aren’t getting too much heat.

If your grow is bigger, you’ll want a few thermometers around the grow area .  Ideally, if you’re growing in a 5’x5′ grow tent/room or larger, you’ll want total environmental control.  That’s for another article, though.

Grow Tent Accessories thermometer
What Grow Tent Accessories Did You Forget?

Did you get everything you needed before Your first grow?  What did you forget?  Was it one of these grow tent accessories?

Is there one we should add to the list?  I am pretty high, so I’m probably forgetting some important accessories.  Let us know in the comments.