we are Jah's Pharma

Weed, marijuana, or CannabisAyahuasca, Psilocybin mushroom,and Peyote cactus…Morning Glory to Hawaiian baby woodrose.

We’ve tried them all. Some we love. Some, not so much. We want to share the journey of experience with YOU.

The world is embracing the Jah’s magical weed(cannabis), learning to connect with Jah’s psychedelics, and We want to ride that wave! As this trend towards freedom of consciousness and appreciation of the gifts found within Jah’s Pharma; We want to be Your source for the best information available.

We live ‘normal’ lives, with jobs, and family. We have a DEEP connection with Jah’s Pharma, including all psychedelics, and plant medicines. From marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms, to San Pedro and Morning Glory seeds, We seek the ultimate diagram of the Cosmos; Internal & External.

The state of prohibition around the World has driven psychonauts into the closet, but with the surge in medical and recreational cannabis legalization, and the renewed interest in Psychedelic Research, the time to come out of the closet HAS ARRIVED.

Join us as the world awakes to the possibilities and the beauty these plant teachers have to offer.​

what is jah's pharma

JAH: a shortened version of Jahovah, popularized by the Rastafarians of Jamaica; Basically, God or the Creator.

PHARMA: an abbreviation of pharmaceutical; pertaining to medicine

Look around outside for a moment, and see the beauty of creation. From the psychedelic mushrooms growing in a field to the Ancient Ayahuasca, most plant & mushroom life has something to offer us. In Fact, Over 40% of Prescription Medicines are Made From Plant Extracts.

Why would any plant, or naturally occuring chemicals be off limits?

We Find, If There’s ailment, There’s a Solution in Jah’s Pharma.


our Creed

The Sovereignty of Consciousness over all.

The freedom to experiment with Weed, Psychedelic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, or Psychedelic Cactus species.

Freedom to find the limits using natural substances.

Freedom to Choose your own path.

We believe these are inalienable rights!

There is much left to discover, and We will Never stop Searching.

We are the children of Jah’s Pharma.​