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12 of the Greatest Stoner Comedies of ALL TIME

Ever laugh so hard you shot milk out of your nose?

Or maybe so hard, you pee’d a little on yourself?  

It’s ok, we’ve all been there! 

Everyone knows comedies and weed go together like peanut butter and jelly.  This is no secret.  Unfortunately, our busy schedules often keep us from simple pleasures, like a good comedy.   

This past weekend, after partaking in some, uh, Herbal Therapy, I caught the end of a movie I hadn’t seen in years.  I laughed harder than I had in years, and thought, “I need to watch more comedies.”.   

It was that thought that inspired this list, “12 of the Greatest Stoner Comedies of ALL TIME”.  This isn’t meant to be the only list, but it’s a pretty damn solid one.  I’m not going to tell you which movie I watched, but, it is on this list (Hint: It features a world class rendition of a Salt ‘n Pepper Classic).   Do you know it?

We, at Jah’s Pharma, think these are 12 of the greatest Stoner Comedies of all time.  In no particular order, here’s the list.

12 of the Greatest Stoner Comedies of ALL TIME

Up in Smoke-1978

This Cheech and Chong classic deserves a place on any stoner comedy list!  Released in 1978, Up in Smoke , is a REALLY funny movie!    I watched this long before I smoked cannabis, and it was still freaking hilarious.  If you’ve never caught this, you’re missing out.

Notable Quote

Man Stoner: Hey, hey don’t take those, man.
Pedro: …Wha?
Man Stoner: I almost gave you the wrong shit, man.
Pedro: Hey, man, I already took ’em, man.
Man Stoner: [laughing in astonishment] Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo…
Pedro: Hey, whaddaya mean “ho ho ho ho ho”?
Pedro: Hey, whaddaya mean ‘ho ho ho ho ho?’
Man Stoner: Oh… HU-WOW, MAN!
Pedro: Hey, what was in that shit, man?
Man Stoner: You just did the most acid I’ve ever seen anybody eat in my life!

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - 2004

The first in a modern stoner trilogy, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is comedy gold.  The dynamic duo of Kal Penn and John Cho are the perfect odd couple.  A simple ‘burger-run’ turns into an epic road trip complete with wild animals, a hot farmer’s wife, and Doogie Freakin’ Houser! 

I love Kal and John’s characters, but Neil Patrick Harris takes the freaking cake for me.

Notable Quote:

Harold: Did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car?
Kumar: Yes. I think he did.

Pineapple Express - 2008

Top shelf cannabis, an eccentric pot dealer, and murder aren’t the usual ingredients for a comic masterpiece, but Pineapple Express pulled it off well. Written by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, Pineapple Express, takes the urban legend of ‘government super weed” and makes an entire movie out of it.  The characters are definitely the best part of this stoner comedy, and Bill Hader is freaking hilarious as Private Miller.

Notable Quote:

Dale: I’m just–I’m kinda flabbergasted when you say things like that. It’s weird.

Saul: Thank you.

Dale: Not a compliment.

Friday - 1995

“How you gonna get fired on your day off?!” 

After being fired for stealing cardboard boxes, Craig(Ice Cube) lets off a little steam, and gets high with his best friend, Smokey. Problem is, Smokey was supposed to be selling the weed, not smoking it.  Now, Craig and Smokey have until 10pm to get Big Perm….I mean..Big Worm his money.   Ice Cube said he wanted to make a “hood classic” that could be watched over and over. 

Notable Quote:

Smokey: I know ya don’t smoke weed, I know this. But I’m gonna get you high today cause it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do.

Super Troopers - 2001

Where do I begin?  If you haven’t seen this movie…go now….put the phone down….smoke a bowl….and watch it right MEOW!!    This is one of the movies on this list, that should be on every greatest stoner comedies list. PERIOD.

From shnozzberries to chicken fuckers, this movie has at least one joke that will make you die laughing.  It’s full of shenanigans. Evil Shenanigans.

Notable Quote:

“Bear fucker! Are you in need of assistance?”

The Hangover - 2009

A bachelor party in Vegas with your best friends.  What could possibly go wrong?  This 2009 flick answers that question, and, surprisingly, the answer is Quite a freaking lot!!!

They lose the groom, their dignity, and their memories, but find love, friendship, and Mike Tyson’s Tiger.

Go watch this one again!

Notable Quote:

Stu: She’s wearing my grandmother’s holocaust ring i was going to give to melissa!
Stu: The ring I’m gonna give to Melissa. You remember, my grandmother’s Holocaust ring.
Alan: I didn’t know they give out rings at the holocaust…

Half-Baked - 1998

Have you ever seen Half-Baked.

Yeah, but, have you ever seen Half-baked…….On Weed!

The movie that made Dave Chappelle a household name.  If you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you need to get fully-baked and give it a watch.   With cameos from Jon Stewart, Snoop Dog, Willie Nelson, and many other well known stoners, Half-Baked has a character for just about every stoner stereotype.


Notable Quotes:

Sir Smokes-a-lot: Doctor said I need a backiotomy.

Grandma's Boy - 2006

Video games?  CHECK

Lots of Weed smoking?  CHECK

A driving Monkey, and an African witchdoctor?  CHECK

Clearly, Grandma’s Boy has it all.  Did I mention Grandma and her friends? Oh, and bad guy/Matrix reject, JP? Seriously funny movie!

Notable Quote:

Alex: Dont you answer your phone? I’ve been calling for half an hour.
Dante: Oh I’m sorry, I was putting up my Christmas tree.
Alex: Dude, it’s July.
Dante: Get the f*ck outta here, it is?!
Alex: And why are you naked?
Dante:Oh my God! I am naked! Come on in!
Alex: Dude, your *ss is tanner than my face.

Dazed and Confused - 1993

Matthew McConaughey, Parker Posey, Milla Jovovich, Cole Hauser, and Ben Affleck all got an early career boost due to this cult classic stoner comedy.  As a native Texan, this film has special place in my heart.  Based around some ’70s Texas high school seniors, Dazed and Confused takes place over course of the last of school.

Hazing, chasing girls, and lots of partying.  This is sort of a right of passage, and it’s funny to see these big stars when they were starting out.

Notable Quote

“….But you know what? Behind every good man there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington, man, and everyday George would come home, she would have a big fat bowl waiting for him, man, when he come in the door, man, she was a hip, hip, hip lady, man.”

The Big Lebowski - 1998

“The Dude abides.”

Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are just two of the big name actors to grace this film.  Written and directed by the Cohen Brothers, Lebowski is a true cult classic.  Dude is a hapless stoner, that gets caught up in wealthy woman’s disappearance. With help from his bowling buddies, Dude calmly goes with the flow, Man.  Where’s my white russian?

Notable Quote:

“Shut the f*ck up, Donny!” — Walter Sobchak

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - 1998

This adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s book, is a wild freaking ride.  Armed with a suitcase of drugs Raoul Duke, a journalist, and his “attorney” Dr. Gonzo, take off for Vegas!!

Massive amounts of drugs+Vegas…..what could possibly go wrong?

Take the time to watch this great dark stoner comedy if you haven’t seen it yet.  Or rewatch it….it’s that good.

Notable Quote:

“We can’t stop here.  This is bat country.”

Old School - 2003

Mitch(Luke Wilson) moves into a college neighborhood house after catching his girlfriend doing a gang-bang, and his friends Frank(Will Farrell) & Beanie(Vince Vaughn) try to relive their college years.  Old School is a treasure trove of hilarious quotes and gags.  Go back a rewatch Frank “The Tank” let loose.

Notable Quote:

” At this point, you may be asking yourself, why am I holding this 30 pound cinderblock in my hands? You might also ask yourself, why does this cinderblock have a long piece of string tied to it? And finally, why is the other end of this string tied securely to your penis?”

Honorable Mentions

We couldn’t agree on every film. Some are just funny, without specifically being a “stoner comedy”.  So, here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy  2004

Monty Python’s Holy Grail 1975

Airplane 1980

Van Wilder 2002

Blazing Saddles 1974

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 2006

Get the Popcorn

There you have it, Jah’s Pharma’s 12 greatest stoner comedies of ALL TIME!  Time for a big fat bowl, munchies, and laughing so hard you shart a little.

Was your favorite stoner comedy on our list?  Did we miss some? 

Did you guess which film I watched this weekend?

Let us know in the comments below!

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