Funny Friday – Grandma’s Get High For The First Time

What is Funny Friday?

Funny Friday, is a new weekly post segment that focuses on the funny.  Whether it’s cannabis related, or not, we all love to laugh, so let’s have a laugh together!

Going forward, we are going to have a more structured posting schedule, so we can get you the very best, FRESH content!

Grandmas Get High

Since everyone loved the grandpa’s getting stoned for the first time, I found one of grandma’s getting high.  I think this one may even be funnier.  

I love how, after one hit, the grandma on our left, becomes the resident expert.  “Hit it like you mean it.”, she tells another woman.  Then later, when they break out a vaporizer,  she says, “I thought it was a dildo.”  This is some literal, laugh out loud material!

The crescendo is these three women, baked out of their minds, playing Cards against Humanity.  That’s all I’ll say, but I’m pretty sure I pulled something laughing so hard. 

What did you think of the video?  Is this your kind of humor?  We really want to make sure we are giving our audience what they want, so your feedback really helps.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!!