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Resurrecting Old School Cannabis Strains

Bringing Old School Cannabis Strains Back From The Dead

Cannabis strains change, and, through the years, old school strains have been lost.  Selective breeding and the War on Drugs, have killed(or nearly) some old school Cannabis Strains.  Strains like Panama Red, Colombian Gold, and Old School Skunk(Shiva Skunk is very close, genetically) are some of the more famous ‘lost strains’.  However, with Cannabis cultivation becoming legal, some growers have tried to preserve and resurrect old school cannabis strains.

How Do Cannabis Strains Get 'Lost'?

Kevin Jodrey is an Old School Cannabis genius!  He has been growing, selling, and smuggling cannabis since the 80’s.  Kevin has been there and done that, in the Cannabis world.  So, when he gets excited about something, you’d better pay attention.  He is currently working to bring back a lost ’81 Skunk strain. 

He claims that strains, like his ’81 Skunk project, were bred to the edge of extinction because of the War on Drugs.  It was during the early-mid eighties that, breeders started producing plants and buds with less odor.   This was to protect themselves from nose-y neighbors.  

It was also during this time that magazines like High Times, were showing the world Cannabis Cup winners that looked amazing.  Many believe this led to certain characteristics being bred out, in favor of ‘bag appeal’.

In more recent years, extracts have become very popular.  While some terpenes can survive the extraction process, many are lost along the way.  Some terpenes and volatile compounds, are only experienced with good ole dried flowers.

Strains That Excel As Flower

In this quick interview, Kevin describes some of the characteristics that he has seen bred out of cannabis.  I have to say, GREASY, is not a word I normally associate with my cannabis flower. 

That said, listening to Kevin Jordey’s description of his ’81 Skunk project, I’m ready for some greasy, oily, burnt rubber in my jar! LOL

What strains do YOU love,and can’t get anymore?

I miss a Cheese strain I had in the early 2000’s…eyewatering funk…smooth smoke….and the perfect daytime high….I still tear up thinking about her.