Best strains to grow in 2020. Zkittles,Purple Punch, Banana Punch; All the Best Strains.

Best Strains to Grow in 2020!!

If you’re anything like me, you are always on the search for the next best strain to grow. Here are a few of my picks for The Best Strains to Grow in 2020. 

Sometimes, I know exactly what I’m looking for.  There are, however, times(too many times) that I drool over all the seed and clone varieties, until I have “analysis paralysis”, and I have trouble deciding.  Let’s be honest, there are about as many strains as there are stars.  It’s hard to keep up with it all.  Here is my, definitely not, definitive guide to some of the best strains to grow in 2020.

Cannabis strains have been popping up like crazy, and the variety has no end, it seems. Breeders of today are more knowledgeable than ever. They take inspiration from successful strains and add their own touch to it to make something new. These strains create a lot of hype as arguably nothing attracts more eyeballs than new cannabis strains. Commercialization has been ramping up like crazy, so much so that it has generated more than a billion dollars. The golden age we live in presents us smokers and gardeners with a terrific opportunity to enjoy the effects and flavor of modern cannabis. 

The Basics of Strains

Indica Strains

Strains of Indica Cannabis are extremely popular among enthusiasts. Their short flowering cycles and fat and short leaves are a couple of reasons why people like them so much. Cannabis plants are smaller in size and do not grow above six feet. People who have trouble relaxing and are always on the edge will greatly benefit from it.

Sativa Strains

People who want to experience uplifting and invigorating effects from their strains should choose Sativa. Sativa is also a great creativity booster. This strain has a tall stature and smaller leaves. The flowering cycles take longer in comparison to other strains. Warm climates are perfect for growing Sativa strains.  This type of cannabis is typically better suited to experienced growers, as Sativas can be finicky, and that long bloom cycle provides more opportunities for issues to arise.  That said, you will be rewarded for your patience, because Sativas are some of the best buds cannabis has to offer.

Hybrid Strains

Approaching equilibrium between indica and sativa characteristics, Hybrid Strains often give you the benefits of both types.  Hybrids can shorten the flowering time of those 14 week sativas, but it may come at the cost of that truly energetic high Sativas are known for.  Conversely, a little bit of sativa genetics, mixed with a short and stout indica, can make the effect less “couch locky”.  Unless you’re specifically looking for the effects or flavors of true indicas or sativas, hybrids can provide the best of both worlds. That is why, hybrids make up the majority of popular breeds today.

Landrace Strains

Pure and Pristine are the Landraces.  Native growing strains, that have never been crossbred, are the foundation of modern cannabis lineage.  Sativas and Indica Landraces, both are where awesome strains like White Widow and AK-47 have their source.  Landraces allow you a “fresh”  start to your own breeding program, or provide unique strains to grow.

Autoflower Strains

Autoflower strains have become very popular with novice growers.  With basic gardening skills, cannabis lovers, can produce some frosty buds within a shorter period of time, and without some of the challenges photo-period plants have.  Essentially, plant it, water it, give it light, and then harvest.  Autoflowers are some of the best strains to grow for beginner gardeners.

CBD Rich Strains

Initially (almost six years back), CBD rich strains tasted a lot like hay. Luckily, this is not the case anymore. Strains like Guava Jelly and Glue Tide are CBD rich, AND have flavor. (Good luck finding those two gems outside of California)  Now, CBD lovers can enjoy the same benefits that THC lovers do, and that is enjoying their exotic terpene profiles. CBD plants nowadays taste as good as THC does.



The Best Strains to Grow in 2020

 The Popular Kids

New, powerful strains are coming out all the time.  As the cannabis revolution continues across the globe, expect more variety, more flavor, and new creative crosses to come.  The more mainstream recreational use becomes, the more bright minds and green thumbs will join the cannabis industry.  Here’s some of the best strains, that should be in your garden.

  • Purple Punch

Mild, pretty, and sweet are the three words that best describe Purple punch(check the current price). Commercial gardens in the previous year sold so much purple punch that it became a competition to see who sells the most of it. The coming year promises more of the same. Hobby gardens all across the nation will be packing purple punches. Often branded as a happy and healthy plant, the Purple Punch never seems to disappoint despite not having the best of tastes.

This evolved version of the Purple Punch is aromatic and explosive. Search your gardens for other punch crosses like cherry, banana, or grape punch. Wedding crasher is another famous purple punch combination. It’s flavors are like a fresh dessert.

  • Banana Punch

Banana Punch is a cross between Banana OG and Purple Punch.  When mom and dad both hit like a truck, you can bet Jr. will too.  That is definitely true with Banana Punch.  Fruity and strong, a session with Banana Punch is like getting beat into submission by a bag of fruit loops.  This will be a strain everyone is talking about in 2020.

  • Zkittles

 If you can get your hands on it, this is one of the most highly sought after strains of 2019, and expect this trend to continue into 2020.  An indica dominant cross between Grapefruit and Grape Ape,  Zkittles produces chunky buds with a fruity/tropical terpene profile.  This should be in any growers arsenal, and should be a great starting point for experimenting with crossbreeding.

  • Gelato 

 Purple nugs with fire orange hairs?  Yes, Please!  Coming from the Sherbet lineage, Gelato is a POWERFUL stone.  Massive horsepower to go with the amazing look of her buds,  it is no wonder why many dispensaries sold out of Gelato in 2019. Sunset sherbet crossed with the Thin Mint variety of Girl Scout Cookies(GSC), Gelato satisfies your sweet tooth.

This strain has reached legendary status, and it continues to be a top seller in most dispensaries.  Getting yummy flavors from the Blueberry side of it’s lineage, this sativa dominant hybrid gets some serious, mind-melting power from the Haze genetics.  Crossing the Haze with Blueberry, cuts the flowering time to a manageable 7-9 weeks.    The sativa side really shows through, giving a dreamy head space with out being a couch lock strain.

  • Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffin is a personal favorite of mine.  Humboldt Seed Company’s cross between Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper(Yes, thats the real name) puts out beautiful purple buds with a smooth smoke that is great for chilling in nature, or at home.  The name comes from the amazing aroma this strain produces.  It, essentially, smells like fresh out-of-the-oven blueberry muffins, and the smell and effect put a smile on my face everytime.

 The OGs Strains to Grow in 2020

If there’s a strain that has been present for decades but is still going as strong as ever, it’s OG Kush. The thing that makes this strain still so high in demand is its high THC levels and easy to grow genetics. People with even the highest levels of tolerance will have a hard time enduring its strong effects. The OG Kush lineage has produced some of the most famous strains of the last decade.  Girl Scout Cookies, and, all its varieties, carry the OG genetics.  The coming year, just like the past 10, has a lot of promise for the fresh OGs, and the trend does not look like it will stop any time soon.

  • Royal Cookies

Similar to the Royal Moby, the Royal Cookie strain is a good choice for fans of growing indoors. Europeans, in particular, have shown great interest in this strain. The royal cookies strain is inspired by Girl Scout Cookies. It’s an elite clone which people were only able to purchase from a few online cannabis forums. The potency of this strain is on the higher side. The Californian classic Royal cookies have extremely high levels of THC (23 percent), which makes it the strain with among the highest THC content.

  • Lemon Garlic OG

After years of selecting the very best clones of True OG, the Humboldt Seed Org., came out with Lemon Garlic OG.  Pungent as hell, and more powerful than a locomotive, this OG produces tight buds covered in trichromes. You can expect short to medium sized plants covered in light green flowers

  • Venom OG

A subtle variation of the classic OG, the Venom OG will be the talk of the town as one of the most popular strains for next year. Taste and strength are two words that tell Venom OGs whole story. Compared to most OG Kushes, this one is bushier and shorter. It also gets more purple as it grows, which looks great. If your garden’s fences are not too tall and you don’t want your plants to grow beyond its height, growing the Venom OG sounds like a great plan. Its beautiful shape and color will even make your garden look aesthetically pleasing.

High Flying Sativas

Picking a personalized strain is one of the best parts of growing your own strain in your backyard. Sativa variety cannabis has a lot of energetic effects associated with it, which is a big reason why cannabis enthusiasts love it so much. They take a longer time to flower in comparison to indica and, in many strains, a lot more patience.  With some TLC, however, Sativas are well worth the wait.

  • Neville’s Haze

You will be hard pressed to find a haze strain more potent than this one.  Flowering for fourteen weeks, growing this, almost pure Haze strain, is a commitment.  However, you will be rewarded with, in my opinion, one of the best strains on the planet; if you have the patience of waiting for some more weeks.  The effects of this one are really powerful. You’ll feel like you’re on a flight to another dimension. You’ll feel euphoric, uplifted, and afloat.

  • G-13 Haze

Barney’s Farm has long been a leader in high-end genetics, and G-13 Haze is a leader in high-end sativas.  Hawaiian Haze, crossed with the infamous G-13, produces a euphoric mindspace and a relaxing body feel that really is quiet unique.  Weighing in around 21% THC, and less than 1% CBD, this strain is a headhunter.


Landraces are cannabis, as nature intended.  Basically, they are native cannabis plants, specific to one part of the world, that have not come into contact with other strains.  No, crossbreeding, just one strain growing naturally in isolation.  This can produce flavors, smells, and effects unique to that one particular group of plants.  However, because they haven’t been hybridized yet, they don’t incur some of the benefits crossbreeding can provide.  Some have lower THCA levels than many commercial strains, the sativas can grow to outrageous heights, and some have flowering times as long as 22 weeks!!  Despite that, the landraces can be very rewarding, and a satisfying challenge.

  • Afghan Kush

Originally from the Hindu Kush Mountain range, which is near Afghanistan and Pakistan, this strain means business.  This is the beginning point of so many of today’s top strains and breeding programs.  This is one of, if not the, best plants for hash making. 

  • Asian Sativas

The tropics of Asia are home to some amazing sativa genetics.  High humidity and plenty of sunlight, make this region a fantastic enviroment for cannabis growth. Cambodian and Thai are two old school Asian sativa that are extremely rare to find these days, in your local dispensary. It raises their value and makes them a valuable commodity for any gardener. 

  • Rescued Landraces

Enviromental destruction and anti-cannabis programs have caused some landraces to go extinct.  Malawi and Colombian Gold are two of the sativa landraces that have come to the forefront in the last few years.  Thanks to the efforts of strainhunters and breeders, these two powerful strains have been saved from extinction. They look unique, have an amazing clear headed high, and are in-demand LandRace strains.


These are one of the best types of seeds to get, if you have a small area to grow in, or for stealth grows.  Autoflowers are not dependent on a specific light schedule in order to produce buds.  Many growers put them under 24 hours of light for the entire grow.  Most will only grow 2-3 feet tall, and can go from seed to harvest in as little as six weeks.  When they were first introduced, autoflowers were weak plants with poor to average quality, but breeders have changed that.  Increased potency, terpene profiles, and genetic stability matched with quick grow cycles could make autoflowers THE way to grow in the future.  Mephisto Genetics is really leading the way in high quality autoflower genetics.

  •  Northern Cheese Haze Auto

 She’s fast, she’s pretty, and, Holy Cow, she is strong!  Mephisto Genetics has been shining lately with their beautifully potent strains.  Expect 70 days from start to finish, but some plants may be ready before.  Exodus Cheese and NL #5 lineage, makes for some strong, pungent buds.

  •  Gorilla Auto

Over the past few years, Gorilla-anything, has become synonymous with “knock-you-on-your-butt” strong.  Same story here, but with one big difference, it’s a Dinafem Auto.  I have never had issues with Dinafem’s seeds. They come in a protective metal tin, and have strong genetics.  Expect this stinky girl to give up the goods in about 75 days. 


CBD Rich Strains
  • Guava Jelly CBD

Guava jelly CBD has the exact similar aroma that the tropical fruit has. Its ending has a fuel finish, which everyone will fall in love with. The Hawaiian seed company is where this strain is sourced. The CBD to THC ratio in this one is 1:1. Plus, the guava Jelly CBD has a wonderful scent profile.

  • CBD Glue Tide

If you are looking for CBD with a low THC and high CBD ratio, then go for the CBD glue tide. The CBD to THC ratio is 24:1. This is a combination of classic CBDs like AC/DC, Cannatonic, and Sour Tsunami. It includes a hint of original glue to add euphoria and aroma


These bountiful strains promise to be among the most awaited strains for this year and the next. Gardeners should prepare extra storage space as many of these strains promise BIG yields!  Growing your own bud is rewarding, and, with experience, results will be phenomenal and will be a fraction of the price of what most retailers have to offer.  These are some of the best strains to grow in 2020 and beyond.