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Grandpas Getting High For The First Time

Stoned Senior Citizens

After having a nightly “attitude adjustment”, I got pulled into the bottomless pit known as, YouTube.  After starting out with the best intentions, learning a new skill, I ended up on this video.  I’m so glad I did!  I freaking died laughing.  Take three baby boomers, sit them at a table, feed them copious amounts of some top-shelf Cannabis; Sit back and enjoy the show!   

I personally can’t imagine my grandparents getting stoned, but I’m kind of curious after watching this. With the majority of us working from home, sitting on our butts, and getting cabin fever, there’s no better time for some laughs.    Enjoy!

Which Grandpa is your favorite?  They’re all funny, but Graham is my favorite stoned senior citizen.  He had so much fun, he had to take a nap!