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More Frequent Watering For Cannabis Plants

Less Water, More Often for Cannabis

The normal watering method, for Cannabis plants taught online is, essentially, give them a really good watering, then let your soil dry out. 

Here the argument is made for watering at a more frequent pace, but less amount of water each time.

Mark Wittman of California Substrates, makes this argument much more succinctly than I could.  

I understand, both methods, and the reasons for using them.  Heavy watering every few days(your watering schedule depends on your set up) allows for time away from the garden.  Something many closet growers may need.  On the other hand, more frequent feeding allows for more even delivery of water and nutrients throughout the day.

Everyone has a method they are used to, but, by opening our minds to new ideas, we allow amazing things to bloom.(Pun intended)

Enjoy this video from the  Future Cannabis Project, and make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel.