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Funny Friday – Getting So High with Monkeys

The weekend is here, time to relax, get so high, and let the world melt away for a moment.  Alternatively, you could get baked, hire a monkey in a diaper to hang, and eat ice cream.

Entirely up to you.  Free will, and all that.

This is a short, funny clip, showcasing 3 different types of stoner, and how they respond to Dexter, the monkey.

No, Dexter doesn’t smoke weed, but he can still enjoy munchies.  

So, fire one up, get so high your eyes beg for a drink, and do your thing – while watching Dexter, of course.

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I was SO HIGH when I wrote this, I had a hard time picking between these two monkey-inspired videos.  So, here’s a bonus monkey video.

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