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The Promise of Psychedelics

Revealing The Mind: The Promise of Psychedelics

What are Psychedelics?  How long have humans used them? How do they work?  What does the future hold in store for psychedelics?  What is “The Promise of Psychedelics”?  These are precisely the questions asked in this video of last year’s World Science Festival.

At the World Science Festival, in 2019, a panel of highly regarded scientists, authors, and professors, sat down to discuss the past, present, and future of psychedelics.  The World Science Festival is an annual live, week-long Festival, which launched in New York in 2008, and has collectively drawn over 3.2 million visitors worldwide, with millions more viewing the programs online.

The video is fascinating, but, perhaps a bit nerdy for some.  If you are interested in all aspects of the psychedelic experience, and the future of psychedelics in healing, then you’re probably going to love it.  If, however, it’s not your cup of tea, then there’s always ‘Bud Porn’.

The Participants

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